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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need medical experience or a medical background to own a franchise?

    As a Qualicare franchisee, you do not need medical experience or a medical background. You will need access to a number of clinicians with various skill sets and in various fields due to the nature of the diversity of cases with which you will be handling. It is required to have one main nurse as a key member of your team as the director of care.

  • What kind of candidate is ideal for Qualicare?

    This is an excellent opportunity for enterprising individuals with a record
    of accomplishment in mid-level to senior management. You must bring a
    willingness to follow our proven systems and see the value in an international
    brand with consistent approach, process and methodologies. The ideal franchise
    candidate is a self-starter, innovative, an effective problem solver who
    possesses strong interpersonal skills and, above all, enjoys making a
    real difference in people’s lives.
  • What is the standard billing cycle with Qualicare?

    We listen to each and every health care story.

    Typically, we bill the clients weekly and pay the caregivers bi-weekly. This keeps payroll expenses in check and is the best scenario for positive cashflow. Our process ensures the best possible cash flow coupled with an almost non-existent accounts receivable delay.

  • Why would someone want to use Qualicare over publicly funded care?

    Health care systems all over the world are strained by the aging population. Governments and Institutions are struggling to provide basic care with the increasing expense demands. More often, people are turning to private home care to address their needs. The diverse, and complete care, advocacy and case management that Qualicare offers, exceeds the extent quality of service otherwise available.

  • What is Qualicare’s unique advantage in the market?

    Qualicare is positioned as the “Rolls Royce” of Home care even though we provide excellent and affordable care for all levels of needs - from the basic through the complex. Our 360° Case Management model is revolutionary and able to provide the entire family with the best possible care and solutions to almost anything they are dealing with. This complete top to bottom advocacy approach opens up a vast amount of revenue streams for our franchisees and at the same time, establishes Qualicare as the leader in Case Managed care.

  • What ongoing support does Qualicare offer?

    Qualicare franchisees receive the highest support ratios in the industry. We are constantly improving our systems, marketing materials, online presence, best practices, and technology. We have support personnel with the shills to help you, ensure your success. Ongoing training courses, franchisee chat rooms, regularly scheduled Founders’ calls, Nursing/Case Management calls, and support coaching are just some of many ways we provide the best in Franchisee support.

  • Do I need commercial office space?

    Typically, no. Unless your city mandates it, most franchisees start from their home office to minimize start-up expenses. This allows you to grow to a critical mass before you decide to have commercial space.

  • How do I find clients to service?

    Qualicare’s full marketing spectrum gives you an extensive approach to the reach the most important parts of your market. We combine many levels of marketing to achieve the most effective results. We track and measure them to provide expert feedback and analysis for your specific area and situation.

  • Do I need special licensing to open up a Qualicare location?

    Some areas could demand certain licensing requirements in order to get started. The cost of business licenses and permits will depend upon the geographic locations within which you operate. Rules vary on home care, medical and staffing and you must consult with an attorney, consultant or business advisor regarding applicable home care, medical and staffing laws or regulations prior to purchasing a franchise from us.

  • Do I pay ongoing royalties to Qualicare?

    Qualicare has on-going royalty fees of 5%. You are not obligated to pay Qualicare any additional fees. This structure harnesses the true “partnership power” of franchising, where the profits of Qualicare are ultimately dependent on the success of its franchisees.

  • How does the Qualicare territory structure work?

    Qualicare offers two levels of licensing: local and regional. Local territories represent a designated area assigned to one franchisee only within the Qualicare network. A regional license has the same assigned territory, but allows the franchisees to sell outside that territory as well, providing where they are selling has not already been assigned to another Qualicare franchisee.

Our Commitment To You

Our priority is to make you successful, so that you
represent our quality brand in an exceptional way.

  • Comprehensive

    We provide you with a training program that spans over a 9 month period, including an 8 week pre-opening training.

  • On-Going

    We support you one-to-one to help answer any questions you may and provide you with the support you need to grow your business.

  • QPID Business
    Management Software

    Our proprietary software is an easy-to-use, web-based system, which effectively manages scheduling, billing, payroll and client relationship.

  • Growing
    Your Business

    We have Nurse Business Development Coaches and In-field Support to help accelerate your business start-up and improve your growth.

Hear From Our Franchisees

  • Qualicare

    "I looked at other homecare franchises and they didn’t synchronize with what I wanted to create. Qualicare came along and it synchronized… It had extras beyond what I was looking to achieve. They had the infrastructure, operational experience, knowledge and know-how that I was looking for… I learned two new words, ‘rewarding’ and ‘engaging’. In my previous marketing life, I said words like ‘interesting’, ‘fun,’ ‘exciting.’ In life care, those words are trivial and inappropriate and frankly, superficial. I’m able to see a family come back together and take the stress off of their shoulders. I actually don’t feel like I work anymore."

  • Qualicare

    "360° Case Management that Qualicare offers is, like I’ve said before, is limitless. there’s no end options. We’ve heard ideas here that hasn’t even crossed my mind and it’s brilliant; I love it! And it’s what a nurse dreams of. We can really help people and be innovative. There’s just no room for that out there in the rest of the homecare world."

  • Qualicare

    "With Beth’s 20 years of rehabilitation experience, my business acumen, the outstanding Qualicare principals backing us up and Sara’s exceptional wisdom and strength propelling us forward, we are happy to be part of the Qualicare team as the Qualicare operators in Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham."

  • Qualicare

    "If you’re looking to select a business partner then you look at as many different criteria that you can… And if you see any red flags you’ll probably go in the opposite direction. And that happened to me with some of the other alternatives to Qualicare. What really solidified it for me was when I came into the office there, I got a good feel for the people. Both my wife and I found Qualicare to be very professional. Qualicare has resources and the willingness to help someone like me who is not a healthcare professional to start running a successful homecare business."

  • Qualicare

    "They take a holistic approach to the whole caring model. Being involved and knowing everything is comforting for the person you’re providing care for… One contact with one person so it’s less confusing – I think people appreciate that whole process."

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