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  • What Do I Really Want?

    What Do I Really Want?
    As I write this, my birthday is imminent and the inevitable question will be asked – what do I want for a present? Not to mention my birthday is close to Christmas. A few weeks ago, a close friend was ...
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  • Free Rides

    Free Rides
    Once upon a time I owned a Puma. The body was yellow fiberglass. The seats were black leather. The powertrain was an under-powered VW Beetle rear-mount engine and the transmission was a simple 4-speed ...
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  • What's Your Quality of Life?

    What's Your Quality of Life?
    Timothy Lee, Qualicare Waterloo Franchise owner, discusses the way in which we should approach our perspective on our respective lives. Quality or quantity? Better or more? Have you ever filled out a ...
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