What Do I Really Want?

What Do I Really Want?

As I write this, my birthday is imminent and the inevitable question will be asked – what do I want for a present? Not to mention my birthday is close to Christmas.

A few weeks ago, a close friend was celebrating a milestone birthday. She celebrated with a gathering every day of the week topped off with open house visits from friends. My wife, when she celebrated a similar milestone, wanted anonymity as her present. Our family was her celebration. Although polar opposites, each present was perfect because each person knew what they wanted.

Giving gifts is one of the languages of love and giving is essential to all relationships. Gifts form a bond and remembered fondly – like a music box my wife gave my daughter. When the kids were younger, the best present we received was free babysitting. Although everyone knows it’s better to give than to receive, accepting these gifts graciously is just as important – for some graciousness needs to be learned.

What does this have to do with health reporting?

Your health is more than your physical well-being. Your emotional and spiritual health is intertwined. When we are physically worn down, we also feel overburdened. The reverse is also true. Through this interconnection, by deliberately improving your spiritual and emotional health, something inexplicably magical happens – your physical health also improves.

Take time to let this season sink into your heart. Shake off the cynicism and soak up the spirituality of the celebration. Take a moment to believe in magic. Let this collective outpouring of goodwill renew your spirit, lighten your heart and put a spring in your step.

Giving and receiving are important facets of a healthy life. As we enter this giving season, take time to give of yourself and enjoy the emotional dividend. In the same vein, tell people what you really want, receive it graciously and feel your heart expand. As you go about giving and receiving you will not only feel better, you will also feel better.

What do I want for a present? I think I know but it can’t be put under the tree.