Homes Vs. Homes

Homes Vs. Homes

Timothy Lee, Waterloo Qualicare Franchise owner, discusses the importance of “home.”

Everyones wants to be at home.

No one wants to be in a Home.

Filled with emotion, sentiment and guilt, “home” is a polarizing word when grown-up kids have to figure out what’s best for Mom and Dad.

Full disclosure – yes, I run a Qualicare Franchise Homecare service, but hear me out.

When deciding on care options, the answers aren’t simple. There isn’t a“one-size-fits-all-and-it’s-on-sale-today” option. Your situation is different from your know-it-all cousin so your solution will reflect this.

Not at Homes are the same and difference can affect your quality of life. Yes, you get what you pay for. Homecare brought into your home can be better than moving into a Home. and yes, you get what you pay for.

Cost is always the key factor. Watch for hidden fees, add-ons, and contracts that read like cellphone contracts – free handset but cancel and they own you. Retirement Homes are not regulated like Nursing Homes so pricing varies, as do the add-ons.

On the plus side of moving into a Home, there’s more community and activities. On the minus side is the loss of independence and the increased risk of disease. It’s not simple.

Generally speaking, if both Mom and Dad are still at home, Homecare is affordable since care costs are amortized between both parents. Health outcomes are improved. Family morale is lifted. Life is almost normal.

Harsh reality, the biggest barrier to Homecare is the cost. It’s a luxury to have trained medical professionals making regular house-calls. CCAC coverage has limits and most families can’t afford 24/7 private homecare.

Costs aside, staying at home always trumps moving to a Home. There’s no denying the numerous scientific studies. The province knows it. You know it.

My advice is buy what you need, nothing more. Get what you can for free, then top-up if need be. There are lots of options and opinions. It’s confusing, emotional and polarizing, just like the word “home.”