Attention Men!

Attention Men!

Timothy Lee, Waterloo Qualicare Franchise owner, discusses the importance for men to begin taking preventative measures to ensure healthy futures.

Feeling good? Looking good?

You probably said yes to both. But get real.

Be honest guys, we take better care of our cars than our bodies. We are either passively oblivious or actively in denial. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of both.

But we aren’t the only ones who ignore our health. Scientific studies mostly focus on women’s health, not men’s health. PubMed, the global library of scientific studies, reports over 56,000 studies on Women’s Health, compared to only 3,900 studies on Men’s Health. That’s a ratio of over 14:1.

Ignoring our health doesn’t mean we are any healthier than our female counterparts. Actually the evidence is the opposite.

In 2011 the Canadian Cancer Society reported that men develop cancer 24% more often than women (incidence per 100k). Also, men die from cancer 38% more than women (mortality rate per 100k). Another sobering statistic from Stats Canada is suicide mortalities are 3 times higher for men than women.

In other countries, these stats are the same. Wherever you go, men die sooner, and do less to prevent it.

What’s the common thread? Men are different – biologically, scientifically, and attitudinally. Most men ignore the big health risks but usually these big threats can be prevented. But we who carry the XY DNA, our instincts are based on the see-problem-solve-problem-reflex. We tend to worry less about prevention and long-term risk factors.

At the global level, Men’s Health is just starting to become a topic of discussion. No global solutions are appearing right now. At the local level, our response should be to start doing those things we know are better for us – get more exercise, eat less junk food, stop smoking, de-stress, and get a regular check-up.

Cheer up guys. If we do it without being asked, then we won’t hear about it if we don’t.