New Robot Will Help People Age at Home

New Robot Will Help People Age at Home

Technological advances continue to help the future of home healthcare franchising.

Recently, the car company Toyota announced a new invention that is set to change the face of home care software. Engineers at the company have created a human support robot that can pick up objects that weigh up to three pounds, open curtains and can do a number of other tasks around the house that may be difficult for elderly individuals.

According to New York Daily News, the robot weighs about 70 pounds and stands at around four feet tall. It is able to understand commands and communicate with people, and is designed to move at a slow pace to make it safe to use around the house.

For people who are concerned about the safety of the device, Toyota said in an official statement that the robot’s moving parts do not generate a large amount of force. Toyota worked with the Japan Service Dog association to determine what features the robot should have, and the organization determined that a focus on picking up items or retrieving them from hard-to-reach places should be a priority.

According to a 2010 article published in Scientific American, in the coming years, robots will be some of the main tools used to help the growing baby boomer population age at home.