Better or Worse - Qualicare Franchise Owner Discusses Eating Complexities

Better or Worse - Qualicare Franchise Owner Discusses Eating Complexities

Timothy Lee, Waterloo Qualicare Franchise owner, discusses the complexities of eating healthy and unhealthy and why it’s so confusing to choose the right foods. In addition to medical services, Qualicare Franchise owners are knowledgeable in foods that keep your loved ones healthy.

Recent studies show that recent studies are confusing.

I’ve seen too many news stories that new scientific research has proven ‘what was good for you before is now dangerous,’ or conversely, ‘what was evil now cures cancer.’

How many of us have switched to red wine, ate the burger without the bun, drank some green tea or opted for dark chocolate? Have you ever heard of anti-oxidants, free-radicals, or pro-biotics? Can you explain any of this to me in normal, non-science speak?

Sifting through this science has two common themes – some things are better off with and some things are better off without.

At the top of the “without” list is the evil triad: fat, sugar and salt.

  • Fat is fat and we eat WAY too much – saturated, unsaturated, poly, mono, etc. Every indicator shows the same thing – we need to cut our fat intake and slim down. The proof is all around us.
  • Sugar is addictive and pervasive in processed food. In unprocessed forms, fruits and veggies naturally contain healthy levels, but processed foods add sugar to improve taste appeal. Excess sugar is addictive and can lead to diabetes, obesity and other health complications.
  • Salt (specifically sodium) is hidden in processed foods, both as a preservative and as a flavour enhancer. Too much sodium makes you retain water and increases blood pressure. Reduce your salt to help lose weight and potentially lower your risk of heart attack.

At the top of “with” list is the holy trinity: fruits, veggies and protein.

We have access to fruits and vegetables from around the world every day of the year, but we don’t eat enough of them! They are beautiful, taste and wholesome. We don’t need to can, cook or freeze them.

Another benefit of cooking from fresh is you save money. Test it yourself, spend one week ONLY eating food you bought from the market and you will see a difference.

Why aren’t we doing this? Maybe we’ve confused by all the news. Maybe we forgot about the basics.

Back-to-basics is a good start. The easiest way to cut through the confusion is to follow Canada’s Food Guide. It will point you towards what’s better, not what’s worse.