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What’s Great About Starting a New Franchise Business…

This is deep.

Have you ever come across an insight that just blew you away? Better still, you came up with it yourself and you’re shaking with excitement because it gives you a new way of looking at something or resolving something that you’ve been thinking about.
Here’s the reason why.

An idea is a thought – often new, sometimes not. An insight is the juxtaposition of two ideas. When you put one idea together with another, you get something distinctive and multi-dimensional. Since a person has only a finite number of ideas, it stands to reason that after a while, without any new stimuli, the number of idea combinations in your brain will be exhausted and there will be no new insights. That’s why brain storming sessions are used to resolve problems – to get different perspectives and ideas together to create insights.

An insight is a whole new way of looking at things. Sometimes this is referred to as a “paradigm shift,” but that usually implies something imposed externally. An insight comes from within. The insight, on the other hand, is disarmingly simple. In fact, its simplicity is partially what makes it exciting.

But what makes it exciting?

In some cultures, there is a legend/belief that when the baby is growing in the womb, an angel teaches it all knowledge. Then, when the baby exits the womb, the angel touches it on the baby’s upper lip and, like a neuralizer, the baby forgets everything. (Incidentally this is why it comes out crying.) The implication is that you don’t acquire knowledge, you re-acquire knowledge. After a while, as we mature, we’ve pretty well maxed out on this simple kind of knowledge.

This explains the exhilaration you feel when you hear an insight – it’s not just the excitement at discovering something new, it’s the excitement of re-discovering something new. And with this comes a pleasant but faint reminder of that wonderful time in the womb. The simpler the idea, the clearer the evocation of that wonderful, carefree time in the womb. That’s why it’s called an “insight” – it’s seeing “in.” (By the way, this may also explain déjà vu.)

Consider a homecare franchise

This is useful for people considering a career move into franchising and particularly something like a Qualicare homecare franchise. You will be exposed to a lot of new ideas. It’s a great opportunity to connect those ideas that you have from your past life with the new ideas you’ll be exposed to in a new business category and a new business style. This is the time to revel in the excitement and to use that enthusiasm to generate more insights and to achieve business success and personal happiness.

Raphael Adams
Communications Specialist
Qualicare – Family Homecare franchise company

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