Qualicare Recognizes April as Parkinson's Awareness Month

Qualicare Recognizes April as Parkinson's Awareness Month

What is Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease and over 100,000 Canadians, and a million plus Americans live with the disease, which at this time does not have a cure.

Movement is normally controlled by dopamine, a chemical that carries signals between the nerves in the brain. When cells that normally produce dopamine die, the symptoms of Parkinson’s will appear.

Diagnosing Parkinson’s can take time. A family doctor may notice it first. You may be referred to a neurologist – a specialist who deals with Parkinson’s. There are no xrays or tests to confirm the disease, so your medical history will be reviewed and a careful physical examination along with certain tests will be done to rule out other conditions which may resemble Parkinson’s.

An individual can live with Parkinson’s for years, and may undergo surgery if deemed beneficial. The symptoms are treated with medication and the following therapies can also help manage the symptoms:

  • Physical therapy helps mobility, flexibility and balance
  • Occupational therapy helps with daily activities
  • Speech therapy helps with voice control
  • Exercise helps muscles and joints and improves overall health and well being

Get involved in your local community Parkinson’s association and find out how you can make a difference! http://www.parkinson.ca/site/c.kgLNIWODKpF/b.5184077/k.CDD1/What_is_Parkinsons.htm