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What We Do

How Our Homecare Franchise Works

Our services are simple: we offer homecare services for any clients with a long-term or chronic illness, complex medical conditions or disabilities short-term illness, and other challenges.

Every service we offer is coordinated by a highly-trained professional. That ensures a high-level of care and consistency for our clients.

For loved ones with complex ailments, they may have multiple specialists, pharmacists, therapists, and other professionals facilitating their care. Our case management services ensure that all of our client’s care is coordinated and consistent.

Providing Care for the Whole Family

More importantly, our services meet the needs of the family as well as the client. In our experience, families are under as much stress and pain as those they care for, but often do not receive any support. Part of our approach is to address the needs of the entire family, empowering them to support their loved one while we handle their care.

Relieving families of the caregiver’s duties frees them to spend precious time with their loved ones. That's how Qualicare makes an impact in our clients’ lives. Families can bring balance back to their homes while having total peace of mind about their loved one’s care. In the meantime, our clients receive a higher quality of life—getting the treatment and attention they need without feeling like a burden.

Hear From Our Franchisees

  • Qualicare

    "They take a holistic approach to the whole caring model. Being involved and knowing everything is comforting for the person you’re providing care for… One contact with one person so it’s less confusing – I think people appreciate that whole process."

  • Qualicare

    "With Beth’s 20 years of rehabilitation experience, my business acumen, the outstanding Qualicare principals backing us up and Sara’s exceptional wisdom and strength propelling us forward, we are happy to be part of the Qualicare team as the Qualicare operators in Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham."

  • Qualicare

    "If you’re looking to select a business partner then you look at as many different criteria that you can… And if you see any red flags you’ll probably go in the opposite direction. And that happened to me with some of the other alternatives to Qualicare. What really solidified it for me was when I came into the office there, I got a good feel for the people. Both my wife and I found Qualicare to be very professional. Qualicare has resources and the willingness to help someone like me who is not a healthcare professional to start running a successful homecare business."

  • Qualicare

    "I looked at other homecare franchises and they didn’t synchronize with what I wanted to create. Qualicare came along and it synchronized… It had extras beyond what I was looking to achieve. They had the infrastructure, operational experience, knowledge and know-how that I was looking for… I learned two new words, ‘rewarding’ and ‘engaging’. In my previous marketing life, I said words like ‘interesting’, ‘fun,’ ‘exciting.’ In life care, those words are trivial and inappropriate and frankly, superficial. I’m able to see a family come back together and take the stress off of their shoulders. I actually don’t feel like I work anymore."

  • Qualicare

    "360° Case Management that Qualicare offers is, like I’ve said before, is limitless. there’s no end options. We’ve heard ideas here that hasn’t even crossed my mind and it’s brilliant; I love it! And it’s what a nurse dreams of. We can really help people and be innovative. There’s just no room for that out there in the rest of the homecare world."

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